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Winter tires from Continental

ContiVikingContact™ 6 SUV

See winter in a new light.

ContiVikingContact™ 6 SUV






Get the most out of winter.


For passenger cars and for SUVs.

  • Shorter wet braking distances.
  • Excellent traction and braking on snow.
  • Supports modern electronic safety Systems.
ContiVikingContact™ 6 SUV

Technical details

Excellent handling performance on snow, ice and dry roads.

By making the most out of its elements, the ContiVikingContact 6™ offers enhanced performance on snow, ice and dry roads.

Enhanced traction and handling on snow.

Thanks to its design, the new ContiVikingContact™ 6 comes with safer snow handling.

Significantly improved ice grip.

The middle area of the tyre interlocks safely with icy roads. When braking on ice, the thin layer of water which forms is wiped off, thus preventing the floating of the tyre.

Excellent road grip and handling on dry roads.

While cornering on dry surfaces, the tyre offers high grip and increased lateral stiffness, therefore achieving maximum stability.

ContiVikingContact™ 6 SUV

EU Tire Label

EU Tire Label values vary by the tire size. The label values for further tire sizes are shown in the product range below or click on „EU Tire Label Viewer“ to find directly the EU Tire Label values for your size.

For more information about the EU Tire Label please click here.

EU Label Viewer

ContiVikingContact™ 6 SUV

Product range

Speed index T
Rim diameter in inches14 - 20
Tire width175 - 285
Series35 - 70