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Winter tires from Continental

IceContact™ 2 SUV

Meet winter’s safest player.

IceContact™ 2






Safe in any extreme.


Superb performance on ice for passanger cars and SUVs.

  • Improved grip on ice thanks to 50% more studs and optimised stud distribution
  • Increased safety given by the innovative StudOn Retention Technology
  • Shorter braking distances on ice via an optimised ice reservoir
  • Functional Divided Tread for excellent snow and handling performance
IceContact™ 2

Technical details

Improved grip on ice.

The new IceContact 2 has 50% more studs, newly designed and optimally distributed. Because of the studs arrangement, they always roll on unused ice, insuring improved grip on ice.


Increased safety.

Through a new technology, Continental¹s new IceContact™ 2 ensures maximum grip, and, therefore increased safety and driving comfort.


Shorter braking distances on ice.

The IceContact™ 2 keeps a firm contact with the ice during braking. Therefore, the tire boasts shorter braking distances on ice and improved ice traction and handling.


Excellent snow and handling performance.

The tire¹s design features inside and outside blocks. The inside blocks increase snow friction, while the outside blocks increase lateral stiffness. In the end, this helps enhance snow and handling performance.

IceContact™ 2

EU Tire Label

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IceContact™ 2

Product range

Speed index T
Rim diameter in inches14 - 20
Tire width175 - 285
Series35 - 70