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Conti Assurance 2021

Continental is pleased to launch the Conti Assurance 2021, offering additional Warranty for the selected Tire patterns.

Articles covered are as per the enclosed table: -


Conti Assurance Warranty Period à Tyre invoiced from Continental during 1 stJan 2021 to 31st Mar 2021. Tyres invoiced during the above period will be accepted under Conti Assurance Warranty as per the timeline given in the above table



Terms & Conditions

The Company deals only complaints related to articles having non-conformity with the manufacturing standards of the Company. However, by this Conti Assurance policy, the Company will register its Customers for extra warranty for specific articles only. The Customer shall check regarding the coverage under the Conti Assurance Policy of the Company.

Customer will have to collect the Conti Assurance warranty card while purchasing the specific articles covered under the policy. Customers having Conti Assurance Warranty Card, duly filled (including article number) and duly signed & stamped by the Authorized Representative of the Company or duly signed & stamped by the Authorized Dealer of the Company, will be eligible to raise complaint for the specific articles only which are covered under the Conti Assurance Policy of the Company.

Only specific articles i.e. tyres (excluding tubes & flaps) mentioned in the Conti Assurance Policy of the Company which are purchased directly from Authorized Dealer of the Company or purchased directly from the Company are covered under Conti Assurance Policy of the Company.



For the sake of clarity, it is clarified that the complaint under Extra Warranty Policy shall inter-alia exclude


  1. Repairable or serviceable cut / injury /damage (Tread cut up to 3 inches in TBX & 1.5 inches in TBR will be considered as repairable)
  2. Intentional cut/damage
  3. Irregular/Uneven wear, fast wear, misalignment wear
  4. Hot repair
  5. Retreaded tires
  6. Tires worn beyond TWI (Tread Belt /Ply exposed are excluded)
  7. Application other than prescribed


The complaint will be addressed as per the policy of the Company and the decision of the Company shall be final. The product presented for examination shall not be involved in any accident and the Company does not accept any liability of accident claims whatsoever.  Adjustment of Complaint article, if any, provided by the Company shall not entitle the Customer to avail adjustment / claim over and above provided by the Company. Any adjustment made shall not constitute admission of any defect in product and adjustment made is deemed to be commercial in nature. If any adjustment is made the examined product will become property of the Company. If the Complaint is rejected by the Company, the Customer shall on its expense collect the Complaint product back within 15 days of the submission of the Tire Complaint Form along with the Conti Assurance warranty card