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Conti Challenge

Achieve the lowest cost per kilometres with Continental Truck and bus tyres with a combination of steer and drive tyres- 10.00-20 Conti R Prime on Steer and 10.00R20 HDR2 α on Drive axle.


With the rising fuel costs, increasing tolls and taxes and growing competition, managing a fleet business is not a child’s play. While the operating costs of the business are ever increasing, rising competition makes it difficult to demand a premium for the customers to run the business profitably. In such a scenario, the solution may lie inwards in the fleet’s operations. By optimizing the operations and in turn optimizing the costs, the fleets can hope to reduce their costs to drive their profits.

Continental recognizes that tyres represent a major cost into our customer’s businesses and the right tyres are needed to keep the business going. Tyres can effect upto 40%* of a fleet’s costs directly or indirectly and is the second largest cost to business after fuel. Generally, due to the huge risk and costs involved, customers are less interested to try new tyres. Hey, why fix something when it isn’t broken?

Well, what if we say, it may not be broken yet but it can still be improved?

Take the ContiChallenge and let us take care of all your risks. We are certain that with Continental Truck and Bus tyres, we can lower the Cost per Kilometre for our customers on account of tyres compared to any competitor or else, we are willing to pay back the difference. ContiChallenge highlights our confidence in our tyres and the commitment we are willing to make, to prove the same. Just try our tyres and compare them to any competitor tyre brand on a comparable vehicle & application*.

If you are willing to accept the challenge, contact your local Continental representative today for more details!