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11R22.5 HS Hybrid+

11R22.5 HS Hybrid+




Ultra Milage Steer tyres for Highways

Quick Facts

  • Maximized life expectancy and fuel economy through customized tread design, new belt packaging and compound.
  • Even wear pattern under various load conditions on all axles.
  • New Siping technology for improved wet grip- Better safety in people application and better traction
  • High value casing for premium retreadibility

Application: Highway and regional roads

Axle position: Steer (truck) & All wheel (bus)

Major Transport Categories:

  • General Goods
  • Containers
  • Oil & Gas Tankers
  • Buses

Tyre Sizes: 11R22.5

Load and speed Index: 148/145L


NSD (mm): 16.1

Recommended rim: 8.25X22.5”

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